About Ladybuglinks

This is a collection of all my retail items.  Some are made by me, some are items I buy wholesale because I seriously love the product.  Here’s the list:

Sterling Silver

Producer: me/ Ladybugn

Boundwear Collars is a line of Jewelry I started making in 2008. I don’t consider them “Hand-Crafted” so much because they are assembled of materials I don’t make myself. Still, they are made to order. The Padlock closure lays in the front, Birthstone charms can be added. The leather thong is pretty delicate, comes in black or red. The Chain and Padlock are Sterling Silver.

Intimate Artwear

Producer:  Julian Snelling

Rosebuds and Elisa Brass Clamps are made in France by well-known metals craftsman J. Snelling.  I import directly from him and as far as I know, I am the only authorized re-seller of Snellings Rosebuds line.  Knock-offs abound, but if you want the real deal buy them directly from his site (rosebuds.net) or here from me.

Sometimes, depending on the exchange rate for the Euro, your price may be better from him, because as a matter of decency  re-sellers don’t undercut prices of the original artist. Shipping and exchange rates are what makes buying from me a special value for U.S. shoppers. 

Stocking Stuffers

Lumps of Coal

Producer:  me/ Ladybugn

AND Coal mines in Kentucky and Tennessee

AND the Disgruntled Elves Union, overworked because of all the naughty-list people!

I went directly to the mines to get these when my kids were young, and have sold them every year since. I make custom name tags for them so they make great office gifts and gag gifts.

PureCoconut Body Rub

Producer:  me/ Ladybugn

This is fine quality food grade coconut oil, packaged for personal use. Yup, you can buy it in the grocery store, but it looks so silly by the bedside. This jar is just so pretty and who doesn’t need a little body rub now and then?

Gemworks by Ladybugn

Occasionally I’ll post an item from my specialty store, but mostly those things will be found on their own site.  I work in both 14Kgf and Solid gold, and use gems from CZ’s to genuine Diamonds. My birthstone emporium carries rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants. Custom made, hand-fitted, guaranteed materials and workmanship.  I also sell Gift-Certificates and will go take fitting to create the piece after you’ve presented the recipient with their gift card.


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